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"Mr. Goldstein was very knowledgeable, approachable, and understanding while guiding me through my divorce and custody case. Now a year later and facing further custody proceedings, I did not hesitate for a second in returning to Mr. Goldstein's office. His legal assistant, Treja, is awesome too! - Jeremy C.

Sometimes, the Husband and Wife can agree to everything, but one of them is not able or willing to attend the Court hearing necessary for a Dissolution. A solution to that problem is the Uncontested Divorce.

If the divorcing couple can agree on division of property, child support, child custody and visitation rights, spousal support and any other matters surrounding the termination of the marriage, the divorce can be handled by one attorney, who files the appropriate paperwork, with one partner filing a Complaint for divorce and the other filing a response not contesting the divorce and/or a waiver of service. The couple then files an Agreed Judgment Entry for the Judge to sign.

The Court will scheduled a final hearing, however, only the Plaintiff needs to attend. The Plaintiff will need to bring a witness, who can be a family member or friend or any other person over the age of eighteen (18) who can testify about the general truthfulness of the Plaintiff, and can give first-hand testimony regarding the grounds for the Divorce. In uncontested cases, the grounds are usually incompatibility or living separate and apart for over one year. Assuming that the Defendant does not show up to contest the final hearing, the Judge will sign the Agreed Judgment Entry and the Divorce will be immediately terminated. The whole process usually takes between two to four months.

If a couple is unable to agree on part or all of a divorce settlement, the matter becomes more complex. This becomes what is known as a contested divorce, and can involve considerable litigation costs.

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